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* no food preparation skills needed.

   What you will learn:

* learn to bake and cook a traditional Neapolitan Pizza.

* find the secrets for a perfect pizza.

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Our course is divided in two parts, as follows:

  • Theory - the course will start with theory, learning about the origins and the history of pizza in Italy and worldwide and makes it unique. It will give you essential informations about the ingredients and a complete understanding of the chemical behind the authentic Neapolitan Pizza, along with the tools and techniques used.

  • Hands on stage - you are going to spend a lot of time practising to prepare the dough, forming the balls, stretching the dough into a pizza shape base, our Chef will share the knowledge about different types of toppings and the ideal combinations of these so that you will create an traditional Neapolitan Pizza.

* Each course will start on a Monday and will end on a Friday. The maximum of participants withing a group will be of 3 students. The course will begin each morning at 8:00am and will finish at 12:00pm

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