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Advanced Pizzaiolo Course

  • Advanced – 10 days / 40h - £1000

  • First 6 hours just theory

You will learn: 

  • Preparation of the original Neapolitan Pizza dough

  • Preparation ingredients/doses

  • Forming the balls

  • The maturation

  • Stretching in classic style

  • How to place the toppings on the pizza base

  • How to use the wood-fire oven and the electrical/gas oven and the correct temperatures for a perfect pizza

  • The use of the tools for the wood-fire/electrical/gas oven

  • Food hygiene

  • Preparing the mother-dough ( Sour-Dough )

  • Alternative doughs

  • The hydratation of the dough technique

  • The "polish" of the dough technique ( liquid pre-dough )

  • The "biga" technique ( dry pre-dough )

  • Professional baking techniques depending on the type of the dough and toppings

  • Preparation of the bread dough, pizza at meter

  • Production costs and marketing


After each course you will receive a certificate for

attending the courses and a reference letter from our

~ Academy & Pizza Restaurant. ~

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